Carmelita’s Nachos

It’s probably not a good long-term strategy to start at the top, but here I go anyway. The best nachos I can remember can be had (consistently!) at Carmelita’s in Dunedin, Florida. The cheese is real and abundant. The chips aren’t greasy. They taste and feel great.

The quantity of everything is unbelievable. The chicken is fresh. I would say that the chicken isn’t the best it could possibly be in terms of seasoning, but you soon forget that when you start putting chip to mouth at Carmelita’s.

Their mild salsa is also top-shelf. I’ve ordered nachos (and nothing else) and had chips and salsa (free for the table, I believe) as a side dish. So good.

I don’t have any photos of Carmelita’s nachos today, but I’ll come back and add a photo someday.

Recommendation: Buy. Eat. Rejoice!

Location Details:
Carmelita’s Mexican Cafe
1280 Main Street
Dunedin, Florida 34698