Nacho Evaluation Criteria

By what measure, nachos? Seems the criteria should be:

  • What kind of cheese? Just the petroleum-based movie-dispenser nacho cheese “sauce“? Exclusively real cheese? A combination?
  • Is the cheese melted? It should be.
  • Taste
  • Freshness of ingredients
  • Abundance of various ingredients
  • Chips: Are many of them stuck together? Are they soaked in oil (yuck)? Are they crispy? Do they cut the roof of your mouth?
  • Ingredient distribution: Are the toppings sprinkled on top, or are they layered throughout the pile of chips?
  • Greasiness of chips
  • How you feel after the meal
  • How are they the next day (refrigerator-cold)?
  • How are they the next day (microwaved)?
  • Price