Smokey Bones BBQ Mag Nacho

IMG 9266

I don’t know what “Mag” means, but these are some decent nachos.

I ordered them without cheese sauce. I’ve ordered them once — on Friday, 27 May 2022, over lunch in Clearwater, Florida.

Update: I ordered these a second time, in July 2022. Same location. Same excellent lunch company. Same excellent nachos.

First of all, they’re pretty. Just gorgeous. But how do they eat?

There’s nothing even remotely greasy about their chips. There was enough cheese. Ample pulled pork and chicken. I was concerned that they come with BBQ sauce on them, but it worked.

I shared these with an old friend, plus one beer apiece, and it was a filling lunch. Really good for the $17.99 spent (plus beers, tax, and tip).

IMG 9263

We didn’t have any left, so I can’t comment on how they are the next day (cold or reheated). Sorry about that, but running out because they’re good (and with no complaints about portion size) is more plus than minus.

The Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill menu describes them as:


Freshly fried tortilla chips topped with BBQ pulled chicken, hickory smoked, hand pulled pork, cheese sauce, cheddar jack cheese, tomatoes, sliced jalapeños, sour cream, sweet BBQ glaze and cilantro.

They also offer a version “Minus the Meat” for $11.99 with 1,470 purported calories. I didn’t try those.